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Public Service Announcement

2004 - Meals on Wheels

In the heat of the summer over 40 fearless WIFD members and professional friends shot the donated Meals on Wheels PSA.  The 35mm production was produced by Rebecca Rice, directed by Cynthia Salzman Mondell, UPM and AD'd by Fonya Naomi Mondell, shot by Steve McWilliams, James Russell - gaffer, and Devin Carbough - 2nd AD.

Dallas Film Professionals donated their time, creativity, and sweat to this PSA.  Other key crew included:  Michael Wohlfeld, Assistant Camera, Lindsay Perry & Yossi Cohen - Electric, Ryan Zammorron - Audio, Dee Chappell - Script Supervisor, Donatella Mascari - Makeup, Kalen Hoyle - Wardrobe, Lynne Moon - Art Direction, Traci Paga - Video Assist, Russ Coffman - behind-the-scenes video, Garry Potts - Still Photography, Bonnie Rundell - Scriptwriting, Shirley Abrams, Linda McAlister & Bonnie Rundell - Casting, Kathryn Yingling - Storyboard.   
MPS, James Russell, Bexel, Kodak, Tom Chapman (The Chapman Group), Dana Ronderos - DD Sedan Service, Tangi Spencer, Pam Gibbs &  Penny Anderly graciously donated production gear, film stock, limousine, catering, and the use of their home. A special thank-you to Lenora Whitehead for her help.

Twenty-five actors came out to lend their support along with nine young women PA's, many of whom are on their summer break from college, and even one high school student who's already been bitten by the film bug.

This PSA later went on to garner the 2006 Gracie Allen Award, which recognizes exemplary programming created for women, by women and about women in all facets of electronic media.

"Join The Food Chain" PSA CREW:

(Committee chairs Garry Potts in 2003 and Stacy Meyer in 2004)

Producer – Rebecca Rice

Director – Cynthia Mondell 

Editors - Shirley Thompson, Mike Roy

Original Music - Mark Menza

DP/Camera – Steve McWilliams 

Camera Assistant – Michael Wohlfeld 

Assistant – Lisa King 

UPM – Fonya Mondell 

AD – Devin Carbaugh 

PA’s  - Ambroasia Tuft, Dana Archip, Camille Charly

Gaffer (Grip truck) – James Russell 

Electric – Yossi Cohen, Lindsay Perry 

Grips – Wendi Bates, Courtney Applegate 

Audio – Ryan Zammorron 

Video Assist – Traci Paga 

Script Supervisor – Dee Chappell 

Assistant – Elizabeth Roath 

Makeup – Donatelle Mascari 

Wardrobe – Kalen Hoyle

Assistant – Julie Larson

Art Direction – Lynne Moon 

Craft Services – Stephanie Hull, Diana Miernik   

Catering –Tangi Spencer 

Still Photography – Garry Potts 

Behind the Scenes – Russ Coffman 

Publicity – Vivian Fullerlove 

Casting – Shirley Abrams, Linda McAlister, Bonnie Rundell 

Scriptwriter – Bonnie Rundell 

Storyboard – Kathryn Yingling 


Camera gear – MPS, Special Thanks to: Mark Beasley         

Grip Truck – James Russell                    

Additional Support – Bexel, Thanks to:  John Calhoun

Film Stock – Kodak, Thanks to: Dick Hoff 

Catering – Tangi Spencer

Breakfast Donated by – Pam and Rob Porter

Location – Pam Gibbs and Peggy Anderly 

Limo Provided by:  Tom Chapman, The Chapman Group and Dana Ronderos, DD Sedan Service

Film Processing and Transfer – Video Post, Thanks to: Glenn Shank, Beverly, and Peggy

Post Production – Reel FX, Special Thanks to Joey Cade  

ADR – Angelo Oddi

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